Big Stories

23 And You: The end of family secrets. Matter (…a year after publication, this story got a new ending.)

The Unbeliever: Celebrity atheist Lawrence Krauss faces allegations of sexual misconduct. BuzzFeed News

Wake No MoreWhat if you could sleep 50 hours straight and still never feel truly awake? Matter

Arrested DevelopmentA handful of girls seem to defy one of the biggest certainties in life: aging. Mosaic
On Detachment: How can scientists act ethically when they are studying the victims of a human tragedy? Aeon

The Big Fat Truth: More and more studies show that being overweight does not always shorten life. Nature

The Roots Of Resilience: Why do some people bounce back from trauma, and others never recover? Nature

Our Body The Ecosystem: Understanding the interplay between man and microbe. Popular Science

News Features

A Top NYU Surgeon Resigned After Being Investigated For Inappropriate Relationships With Patients BuzzFeed News

Meet The Senior Dogs Trying The Latest Anti-Aging Pill BuzzFeed News
Pregnant Women Are Finding Out They Have Cancer From A Genetic Test Of Their Babies BuzzFeed News
How Damaged Are NFL Players’ Brains? The New Yorker

Why Police Lineups Will Never Be Perfect The Atlantic

Ovary Banks: Frozen In Time New Scientist

Are Video Games The Future Of Brain Medicine? The Verge

Epigenetics: The Sins Of The Father Nature

Breaking News

Author Of Tainted Gay Marriage Study Admits To Destroying Data BuzzFeed News

Scientists Are Terrified Of Talking About The Planned Parenthood Videos BuzzFeed News

Bill Maher Just Promoted Unproven Goat Milk HIV Therapy BuzzFeed News

Ben Carson Once Did Research On Fetal Brain Tissue BuzzFeed News

This Case Of A Phantom Pooper Is Hugely Important For Genetic Testing Laws BuzzFeed News

Return Of The Neanderthals National Geographic
Were The First Artists Mostly Women? National Geographic
Mice Inherit The Fears Of Their Fathers National Geographic

Reviews & Essays

Book Review: “Reaching Down The Rabbit Hole” The New York Times
Book Review: “The Invisible History Of The Human Race” The New York Times
I Asked My Mom Why She Didn’t Vaccinate Me BuzzFeed News
It’s Time To Stop Obsessing About the Dangers of Genetic Information Slate
Death’s Eternal Logistics The Last Word On Nothing
On Losing A Dog National Geographic
The Sexual Politics Of Autism National Geographic
How To Sell A Big Science Project Slate

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