• sperm

    23 and You

    Cheryl Whittle tried her best to fall asleep, but her mind kept racing. Tomorrow was going to be the culmination of three years of research and, possibly, a...

  • Child-on-cot

    On Scientific Detachment

    We drove to the orphanage on a pleasant December morning, under a sky that seemed too blue. It was a short ride through a residential neighbourhood of...

  • muzzle

    The Big Fat Truth

    Late in the morning on 20 February, more than 200 people packed an auditorium at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts. The purpose of...

  • brainz

    How Damaged Are NFL Players’ Brains?

    In November of 2010, a few dozen retired players from the National Football League gathered with their wives in a large living room. Snacking on appetizers and...

  • awakenings-990x660


    Anna Sumner’s craving for sleep began when she was an 18-year-old high school senior. She thought nothing of it. When it followed her to college, she blamed...

  • baby

    Ovary Banks: Freezing the Biological Clock

    The clock started ticking for T. Wilson in 2008, when she turned 36. She had been divorced for seven years, and as a trainee surgeon she barely...

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