You’ve found the writing and editing portfolio of Virginia Hughes, science editor at BuzzFeed News. Before joining BuzzFeed in January 2015, Ginny was an independent journalist specializing in genetics, neuroscience, and biotechnology. Her blog, Only Human, was published by National Geographic, and her writing has also appeared in The Atlantic, The New York Times, The New Yorker, and Slate. She’s won some awards, and sometimes talks on the radio.

A long time ago, Ginny was the community manager of ScienceBlogs and interned for Discover MagazineSeed Magazine and NPR’s science desk. Before that she worked as a human-subject wrangler in a virtual reality lab, a shelf monkey at a science library, and a golf-cart rider for the Calhoun County Fair Office.

You can download her resume here. She studied neuroscience at Brown and science writing at Johns Hopkins. Her Brown degree was not, as is commonly assumed, made of hemp.