About Me

Welcome to my writing portfolio, where you’ll find stories about all kinds of topics, but mostly genes, brains, and drugs.

My blog, Only Human, is hosted by National Geographic Magazine, and I’m a contributing editor at Popular Science and at MATTER, a digital publication for long-form journalism. My writing has also appeared in The New Yorker online, Slate, and Smithsonian, among others. I live in Brooklyn.

I was once the community manager of ScienceBlogs and have interned for Discover MagazineSeed Magazine and NPR’s science desk. Before that I worked as a subject wrangler in a virtual reality lab, a shelf monkey at a science library, and a golf-cart rider for the Calhoun County Fair Office.

I studied neuroscience at Brown and science writing at Johns Hopkins. My Brown degree was not, as is commonly assumed, made of hemp.